Opening Pathways
for Hope & Healing

I welcome you to this space where I share my passion for helping others heal and
honour their journey with illness

Each of us are unique, as is our experience in life and death. We may not have a choice about the when and where, but if we are blessed to be given the opportunity to plan and prepare, then it is our responsibility, a gift to ourselves, our loved ones, to do so. Using this precious time to embrace the riches we are meant to receive, healing what is possible, experiencing the peace that it brings, can be profound. Truly no one teaches us how to live, let alone how to die. Society fear’s death, we have lost our reverence for grief, the process of dying and importance of ritual in ceremony. We have forgotten how to energetically and spiritually connect with our own power to heal, listening to our soul’s wisdom and guidance.

I dedicate my life, my practice, to restoring these modalities and honour this journey, as we are all walking each other home. We say death is a part of life, yet how can it be if we don’t talk about it, plan for it or find a way to make peace with it?

Death is a universal teacher that connects us all, empowering us to live life to the fullest

It is my mission to restore rituals in ceremony, reverence, dignity and grace to all life’s experiences, especially when we  journey with death, our soul’s passage.  Companioning those navigating a life altering illness, to find hope and healing, no matter what the prognosis. I have witnessed countless times, a few weeks or months given to live, and many surpassed these limitations to live a life filled with beauty, peace and joy. Wherever you are on your path, honouring your inner knowing, taking control of your life again after diagnosis, is the first step to liberation.

Embracing life as it is, allows us to live with an open heart and a deeper sense of compassion. Whether you are navigating your journey with illness, facing your own mortality, or caring for someone that is dying, I am here.

When we understand and accept that death is a part of life,
only then can we truly begin to live our lives to the fullest

When you center in stillness, you can connect with your power to heal, listen to your soul’s guidance, make choices that are right for you to live life on your terms. We cannot control outer circumstances, but we can control how we live with crisis and challenges that come our way. The future is in your hands and I’m here to help you along your path, nurturing what was, honouring what is and trusting in what is to come. There is always hope, and together let’s co-create the next chapter of your life, navigating whatever transitions are before you.

In reverence I will be by your side, supporting, as you prepare for your soul’s passage

If your time in this human experience is nearing completion, I would be honoured to witness your journey home. Together we will envision your passage, what it looks like, feels like, sounds like and be present to its beauty. When you are ready, fear will not be present; it will be replaced with hope, dignity and grace. You will leave your human container with gratitude; your soul will carry on in pure love and light as you rise to be with those who are awaiting and celebrating your arrival.